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Hello, I'm Sheila.  It's my job to walk your dog, or maybe feed your cat, while you are out and can't do it yourself.  Each walk lasts around 40 minutes.  Your dog will come out with me, and two or maybe three other dogs, for a charge around the Firs or Ampthill Park, or just a gentle amble in the countryside, whatever he needs. Meanwhile, you can get on with your work in the sound knowledge that your best friend is being well looked after. 

If you're going on holiday, your dog can come to stay at my house, and join in family life - just like being at home.   

The dog hotel

If you are going away on holiday for a long weekend, a week or even longer, you want to know your dog is happy.  So, he can come to my house and live with us as a family while you are away.  You just bring his bed, food and lead and I'll do the rest.

Pop-in service

I'll go to see your dog at your home and spend 15 minutes or so with them during the day while you are out.  We'll have some play time in the garden, maybe a walk around the block, plenty of hugs and I'll give him his dinner too if you like. 

 I'll feed your cats, check their litter tray and give them lots of fuss.

Dog walking

I'll pick your dog up from home and take him to Ampthill Park or The Firs for an off-lead run.  I usually take three or four dogs together so they will have plenty of company.  If your dog prefers to stay on lead, that's OK.  It's up to you.


Pop-in service

I'll come round to your house and spend some time playing with your dog.  This service is ideal for older dogs, dogs recovering from illness, or puppies.

£10.00 (£12.00 weekends and bank holidays)

Group dog walk

I'll pick up your dog from your home and head off to the countryside for a romp with the all the team.  Great fun!

£12.00/ dog (£15 weekends and bank holidays)

Cat feeding

Plenty of time for a bit of fuss as well as giving your cat his dinner, checking the litter tray and topping up the water bowl.  If you are away on holiday I'll pick up the post while I'm there. 

£10.00/visit (£12 weekends and bank holidays) 

2 visits a day £18.00 (£20 weekends and bank holidays)

Dog Hotel

It can be holiday time for your dog too when he comes to stay at my house.  I don't usually have more than 2 or 3 dogs staying at a time and they all live with us as part of the family. As well as playing in the garden we go on walks every day too. 

£20.00/day /dog (£25 to include overnight)


A Dog's Life friends

Here are a few of the new friends your dog will be making when he comes walking with us

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